Recruitment solutions for coffee businesses

United Baristas Careers offers three products, to suit your recruitment needs

Job Listing

Target the talent

Reach our community with your job vacancy

United Baristas Careers is the better way to recruit coffee industry talent

Reaching coffee job seekers across the community, and use our end-to-end application management tools.

Job Listing includes

 Long 90 day listing provides ample opportunity to collect applications, or set an earlier cut-off date

 Automatic inclusion on Careers Job Board, Job Alerts, Careers Updates and searches, plus your own Company Page

 A simple, one-off, low-cost option…

 Or buy a Careers Recruitment Kit for additional benefits and unlimited job listings

Job Listing
One off, single job listing
£9.90 (+ VAT, if any)

Careers Recruitment Kit

Promoted Job Listing

Reach the best talent
with job vacancy marketing

The simple solution to be everywhere

Automatically reach a targeted, global audience with our job vacancy marketing service

Use United Baristas Careers to promote your job across jobs boards, third-party platforms and social media – everywhere your talent is.

Promoted Job Listing includes

Featured job positions on Careers Job Board

Reach the heart of the coffee community with inclusion on United Baristas social media channels

 Insertion on Careers partner sites

 Advertised on social media channels

Advertised on third party platforms and insertion in fourth-party sites

Discounted for Careers Recruitment Kit subscribers

+ Job Listing benefits, including end-to-end Applicant Management

Promoted Job Listing
One off, single job listing
£19.90 (+ VAT, if any)

Understand advertising platforms

Talent Search

The recruitment service
for the coffee industry

Personalised, bespoke recruitment

We probably know the person you are looking for

Use our extensive professional network and personal relationships to find the hire you’re looking for.

Talent Search benefits

Headhunting, talent scouting and confidential approaches

Simple, one-off fee

Talent Search
Let us build you a recruitment shortlist with the best coffee talent available
£399 (+ VAT, if any)


Job Listing Promoted Job Listing Talent Search
Reach the United Baristas community Market your job to the coffee industry and job seekers worldwide Bespoke recruitment, search & headhunting
Careers Job Board
Job Alerts & Careers Updates
Company Page
Careers Applicant Management Tools Free option Free option
Automatically inserted into global job distribution boards
Automatically advertised on third and fourth party sites
Advertised on social media channels
Personal recruitment service
Search and headhunting
Shortlist of candidates to meet with
more more more


Start achieving your recruitment goals